Lightweight motorcycles


Every beginner biker has this panic: that the weight of the bike will work against him or her. Whether in a curve or when performing a braking-starting maneuver, this factor can be a determining factor. And although height or body build is not an impediment to riding a motorcycle well. (for sample, Dani Pedrosa was a MotoGP champion at only 1.58 meters in height.), a driver in training may find it difficult to control the inertia of a vehicle weighing many kilograms. If you are looking for a choice of motorcycles that weigh little and at the same time offer optimal handling and displacement, you will be interested in the selection below.

Lightweight options to suit all tastes


It would be very easy to make a selection of motorcycles that weigh little by limiting ourselves only to low-displacement models, scooters or custom bikes. We have put together three options from different brands and for different segments of bikers under 200 kilograms.

Triumph Tiger 900 GT Low

As its name suggests, the Triumph Tiger 900 GT Low is a motorcycle that has reduced geometry. This adventure-type model has a 19” front wheel, a displacement of 888 cc and became one of the great novelties of 2020.

The British brand made this version of the Tiger 900 GT with a weight of only 194 kg and a seat-to-floor height of 810 mm.

Honda Rebel 500

Next on our list is a crowd favorite. It is distinguished by its practicality, agility and easy driving. The Honda Rebel 500 is a motorcycle that is a real eye-catcher and is suitable for everyone.

The Rebel 500 model falls into the custom motorcycle category and is known to appeal to budding bikers who choose safe riding. It has a displacement of 471 cc, a height of 690 mm and a wingspan of 191 kg.

Ducati Scrambler Hashtag 2018

The lightest of our selection and one of Ducati’s entry-level and low-displacement versions. The Scrambler Hashtag 2018 model has that retro bike look but with off-road overtones, albeit not quite off-road.

The Ducati Scrambler Hashtag has a seat-to-floor height of 790 mm, a displacement – not insignificant for a Scrambler – of 399 cc and a weight of only 167 kilograms.

A bike that weighs little… What if you add height?


If you are a short biker and one of the above three options of bikes that weigh little has convinced you, Upbikers is the extra accessory you need.

And while the overall mass of the bike can make all the differenceif you’re running at speed on a highway or taking a tight corner, with the brake-start maneuver it’s different. When the vehicle is static, the key will always be to keep your feet firmly on the ground. It doesn’t matter whether you’re riding a 170 kilogram custom bike or a 200-plus kilogram adventure bike: the security of having both feet on the asphalt will give you the support and balance you need.

Upbikers is a product completely designed and manufactured in Spain that, when placed in the footwear, adds 4 centimeters to the tip of your feet, guaranteeing you safety when riding. No matter if you wear sneakers, boots or shoes, all options fit with Upbikers thanks to their versatility. The sole design is designed so that moving the brake and shift pedals feels exactly the same as riding without wearing them.

If you are about to purchase a vehicle that you are comfortable with because of its geometry and weight, also choose accessories that add safety to your driving. Find out what other buyers and Upbikers have said about the product and convince yourself!

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