Treat yourself to the best motorcycle accessories this Christmas.

Accesorios para la moto

One of the favorite seasons of the year for many people is here! It’s time for end-of-year festivities and, of course, Christmas! It doesn’t matter if you’re a bit of a Grinch or the type to throw a light festival at home, this season is a good excuse to treat yourself. And why not invest in accessories for the bike you ride every day or for the one you are thinking of buying. And because safety comes first, we’ll recommend a couple of options that will make your driving safer and more comfortable.

Why it’s important to invest in motorcycle safety accessories

The leaves are falling from the trees, the wind is getting colder and the bar on the corner is starting to put up some Christmas decorations. It’s that time when you feel the arrival of winter and also some days off to go for a walk or make plans for the weekend. For all those passionate about motorcycles, it is the best excuse to take the vehicle and take a road trip.

And you may be an experienced driver or a budding one. No matter what your profile is: the road can be full of unforeseen events. That is why it is important to have a couple of accessories to be prepared for any mishap or to reduce the likelihood of a mishap.

The KLIM AI-1 vest-airbag

Unlike driving a car, the chances of having protection such as airbags while riding a motorcycle were rare, if not very expensive. In the past, you had to invest a considerable amount of money in exchange for vests with integrated airbags (plus another sum of money to purchase a compatible motorcycle jacket). Things have changed: Klim launched the AI-1, an airbag vest with a wireless airbag system that can be worn with any garment.

How does it work? Through a complex system of mechanisms that detect movement alterations and, in the event of a shock or fall, a mechanism completely inflates the vest at a speed of 60 milliseconds – as a reference, it takes the human eye between 100 and 150 milliseconds to blink. Impressive, isn’t it?

SomeWear Global Hotspot

Hitting the roads and highways can be one of the most enjoyable and memorable adventures for any biker. Seeing idyllic scenery while riding at full speed is an indescribable experience. But it also often means being away from civilization and, therefore, that your cell phone is without signal. So that you do not disappear from the map and do not remain incommunicado, we recommend SomeWear’s global wireless coverage zone device.

With the SomeWear Global Hotspot you can link your Smartphone to receive connection and notifications. In addition, it allows your loved ones to geolocate you no matter where you are.

Upbikers, the best accessory for the bike

motorcycle accessories

Stepping firmly with both feet while the motorcycle is stopped or prior to a stop-start maneuver is vital. It may seem basic but it is one of the most important safety measures that every motorcycle rider should consider. With Upbikers, it doesn’t matter if you are short: you will add 4 centimeters of extension to your feet so you can safely step on the asphalt.

It is an accessory that is placed over the footwear you are wearing and, thanks to its ergonomics, it adjusts easily to sneakers, shoes or boots. In addition, its design allows you to move the brake and shift pedals normally.

Bikers in Christmas mode: give yourselves Upbikers this season and ride safely and comfortably! Click


for more details and purchase options.

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