Lowering Yamaha MT-07 height: is it possible?

bajar altura yamaha mt 07

Dreaming of owning a Yamaha MT-07 but it’s a little tall for you? Have you wondered several times if it is possible to lower the height of the Yamaha MT-07? Read on because we have a solution for you.

First of all, it is a good bike, fun and not at all demanding. It is perfect especially for beginner bikers. Thanks to the narrow handlebars it is ideal for urban environments and has a very interesting price/quality ratio even if you buy it used.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of this Yamaha motorcycle.

Technical data

Longitud 2.085 mm
Anchura 745 mm
Peso 182 Kg
Yamaha MT 07 altura asiento 805 mm

Lowering Yamaha MT-07 height: how to achieve it

If you have browsed our blog for a while you will know that we have explained several alternatives to lower the height of any bike and, of course, they are a solution also for the Yamaha MT-07.

Lowering the motorcycle saddle

One option is to lower the seat by removing foam to make it less high and allow you to reach the ground with your feet. Keep in mind that you will need the help of an upholsterer and that you will gain a couple of centimeters. In addition, you risk losing comfort when driving and this can have consequences on the health of your back.

Replace connecting rods

Another alternative is to buy (or ask a mechanic to buy and install) a linkage kit to lower the suspension of this model of motorcycle. We have searched online and this option would cost you about 150€ plus labor cost.

This solution seems interesting and is one of the most common but be careful because lowering the height of the bike in this way changes the whole geometry of the vehicle and this can be dangerous.

Keep in mind that engineers have developed the bike in this way and when it leaves the factory it is designed to ensure a certain level of safety. Changing the frame may, especially in curves, make the bike not respond as it should.

Upbikers: maneuver the Yamaha MT-07 without changing geometry

Well, there is another solution that will not lead you to change the Yamaha MT-07 bike in any aspect, it is the Upbikers.

This kind of toe lift (whether you wear boots or prefer to ride in depro shoes) guarantees you 4 cm more on both legs. Getting on and off the bike, maneuvering it to park, stopping at traffic lights will no longer be complicated or dangerous.

In short, if you want to buy the Yamaha MT-07 and you are worried about not reaching the ground thanks to Upbikers this will no longer be a problem.

Buy them online and receive them without paying shipping costs if you live in Spain.

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