Yamaha MT-09 seat, can it be lowered?

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Are you a fan of Yamaha and have you become infatuated with the MT-09 model? Maybe so, but because you are biker of short stature and a priority for you is to touch the ground with both feet you have a question: can the seat of the Yamaha MT-09 be lowered?

Well, you’re in the right place because we’re going to talk about how to lower the seat of this bike and what happens when you do it with traditional methods.

With a powerful three-cylinder engine, a quality chassis, excellent electronics and a surprisingly affordable price, Yamaha seems to have a successful model on its hands and it’s just the MT-09.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of this Yamaha motorcycle.

Yamaha MT-09 technical specifications
Length 2.090 mm
Width 795 mm
Weight 189 Kg
Seat height 825 mm

How to lower the height of a Yamaha MT-09

If you have read other articles on our blog, you will know that there are several alternatives to lower the height of any motorcycle and, of course, they are also a solution for the Yamaha MT-09.

Lowering the bike’s saddle

The first option, one of the most typical, is to lower the foam that makes up the seat of the bike. You gain a few centimeters but you also lose comfort when riding and your back may be affected.

In addition, if you are not a handyman, you may need the help of an upholsterer and this will increase the cost of the change.

You can also buy a seat already reduced and install it on the bike. Surfing online we have seen that for this model you can find some for a price around 270€.

Replace the connecting rods

Another alternative is to buy (or ask a mechanic to buy and install) a linkage kit to lower the suspension of the Yamaha MT-09. We have searched online and this option would cost you about 100€ plus the labor costs.

This solution seems convenient and is one of the most common but be aware that lowering the height of the bike changes its entire geometry and this can be dangerous.

Expert engineers have developed the bike in a specific way and when it leaves the factory, after many tests, it is designed to guarantee a certain safety. If its structure is changed, the bike may not respond as it should when in motion, especially when cornering.

Upbikers: ride the Yamaha MT-09 in total safety

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What if instead of lowering the bike, you were the one gaining centimeters? The Upbikers have been developed exactly for this purpose.

It’s a pair of lifts made of a resistant and lightweight material that helps to gain 4 cm at the tip of the toes. Thanks to this little help it is easy for any short rider to maneuver the bike as well as to stop at traffic lights or in other situations.

If you want to buy the Yamaha MT-09 and you are afraid of not reaching the ground there is an economical and functional solution: thanks to the Upbikers this will no longer be a problem.

If you want to know more about the product we invite you to read this post where we detail its strengths.

Buy them in our online store and receive them without paying shipping costs if you live in Spain.

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