Oh là là! From France we present the review of a customer of Upbikers

We love to hear news of bikers trying Upbikers around the world and having a good experience. At the company, we are committed to bringing the passion for motorcycling to many frontiers, regardless of the type of terrain and stature of the rider. From France, the blogger Petite Mais Motarde (something like “Petite Mais Motarde”) tested our product and published her


on the


dedicated to all those short female motorcycle riders with big dreams. Here isthe review of this Upbikers customer.

PMM: an Upbikers customer review

At the request of one of her followers on Instagram, the Petite Mais Motarde (let’s call her PMM) decided to try our tights for short bikers. Upbikers are an accessory that is placed underneath the shoe, adding 4 centimeters of extension to the support area. This allows short or short-legged bikers to be able to place both feet without difficulty, providing safety while riding.

We shipped the product to the French lands, which I think was “very fast and tidy”.

While the aesthetics of the Upbikers didn’t make her fall in love (we know, they won’t appear in a Paris fashion show), she did find them functional. “No matter how long your feet are, you can adjust the Upbikers with two Velcro straps,” he said.

“The sole is progressively rectified in height according to the degree of inclination of the foot. This allows us to cover short distances without having to disassemble them,” he said. And about the quality of the Velcro he said, “I was wondering about the grip of the Upbikers on the feet, don’t they tend to slip or come loose after a while? Not at all! If you tie them correctly before you go out, they hold very well!”.

And it got interesting when he wanted to test the gear shifter: “my biggest question (not to say fear) was the gear shifter. How can you shift gears with a foot that is 4 centimeters thick? The Upbikers team has thought about it and this is what they call ‘their secret’: there is a hollowed out part under the sole that allows a more classic thickness to feel the gear selector that adapts quickly. It’s the same principle for the rear brake”.

“Do the Upbikers have enough grip? I won’t slip or twist my ankle wearing them? I’ll be able to tell you because I maneuvered on rocks in the rain with them! The ground contact area has excellent grip and is wide enough for you to lean on.”

PMM Conclusions

After testing them in the rain, walking and riding his bike, PMM concluded: “The concept is really interesting, well thought out and responds to a problem we know well. For small builds with short legs, this product can be a solution to gain a few centimeters”.

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