Here’s how to get to the ground better on the 2022 Honda CB500X

Whether with a trail bike or a motorcycle prepared for dusty roads, adventure is practically “just around the corner”. Or, rather, just on that secluded trail you want to explore. And what better than to do it with a vehicle that is prepared for the conditions of the terrain, that is durable and ready for asphalt roads as well. Our review this week features one of the highest-rated motorcycles in the category, and no wonder. And if you’re a short biker, there’s no need to worry, because we’ll tell you how to get to the ground better with the Honda CB500X 2022.

The CB500X is an already veteran model of the golden wing brand, however, in its 2022 edition it presents great improvements in performance with respect to its previous model. Learn about its main features and some of our recommendations for safe driving.

Getting to know the Honda CB500X 2022


We can qualify the Honda CB500X as a mid-weight adventure and touring bike with an excellent combination of specs that make it a highly rated model. It requires the A2 license and, as we said, it is not a new motorcycle on the market, but it offers new improvements.

The most notable, in our opinion, is the change in suspension. Evolved from a conventional telescopic fork to a Showa inverted fork with large piston and separate function. This renovation helps you to have better reactions and ride quality.

The brakes were also upgraded, with the front axle going from a 310 mm petal disc with two-piston calipers to two 296 mm petal discs with Nissin dual-piston radial calipers. Although these elements mean an increase in weight, it is compensated by its reduced size.

The front wheel has been redesigned, is now aluminum, 19 inches and lighter thanks to its thinner spokes. Overall, the CB500X weighs just 199 kg and the weight distribution has been adjusted forward to give more control over the front end.

Its fuel capacity gives it a range of 485 km of travel and its displacement is 471 cc. It is priced at 6,990€ and has a seat height of 830 mm, a complicated measure for short bikers.

How to get to the ground better with the 2022 Honda CB500X

Reaching both feet to the ground while riding in the vehicle is vital. And it is even more important to have a firm and secure footing in order to fully control the balance of the bike. A loss of balance or attempting to land on only one foot can cause a fall during a stop-start maneuver. Here are some tips on how to get to the ground on the Honda CB500X.

As the Japanese brand is one of the most popular firms in the world of motorcycling, it is not unusual to find accessories to improve performance or adjust the vehicle to your needs. An example of this are the kits for lowering the height of the motorcycle. It is a set of connecting rods that replace the factory ones to make the rear suspension lower when changing the anchor point. This helps to gain a couple of centimeters, but you will sacrifice some dynamism, not to mention the investment of more than 300€ that you will have to make to acquire them.

We have already

in other posts in this blog

about some techniques to better reach the ground on tall motorcycles. We explain the sideways drop, going straight to the right foot or taking advantage of the momentum when starting the bike. Each of these methods has its pros and cons, and we do not recommend trying them if you are a beginner.

Get to the ground better with the Honda CB500X without hassle


No more expensive accessories or risky maneuvers. Instead of complicating your life, get to the ground better on the Honda CB500X with Upbikers. No fuss and simply adding an element to your feet: Upbikers is a set of shims that fit underneath your shoes, adding up to 4 centimeters of extension to your limbs.

With this simple but innovative accessory you will notice a significant change when riding your motorcycle. In addition, it goes with any type of sneaker, shoe or boot, as its ergonomics and design allow it. They are sturdy and designed to allow you to use the bike pedals with ease.

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