The best accessories to use with your off road bike


When we think of the off-road motorcycle category, steep terrain, gravel roads and hills to climb at full speed come to mind. It would be a mistake to think that this is its only face because, like other all-terrain vehicles, it is also used in the city. Thus, these motorcycles can fulfill a dual role: for enduro or motocross motorcycling, and for a ride or weekly errands.

Therefore, it is essential for every off-road biker to equip himself with accessories that will help him to be ready for any plan.

Best accessories for off road motorcycles

It is clear that there are many specialized accessories for motocross. In particular, we talk about protective equipment such as helmets, masks and goggles. Our suggestions will be more focused on accessories that you can use in and out of the city, so you can get the most out of them.

Fox Dirtpaw CE Gloves

Let’s start with an essential garment for any motorcyclist, regardless of the discipline he/she practices or the vehicle category he/she uses. Gloves are the cornerstone of good riding and we recommend the CE-certified Fox Dirtpaw gloves with knuckle protection. This product from the famous fox brand is made with resistant fabrics and a Clarino palm for greater handlebar sensitivity.

It has an extended compression-molded neoprene cuff with hook-and-loop closure for a secure fit. It has an elastic mesh on the fingers to improve air flow. And the fingertips have a silicone detail to improve grip on the levers. You can buy them for just over 40€ and there are seven sizes to choose from.

Fox Legion Tac Vest

Although we are fans of jackets with protection, this time we wanted to go a little off script. With the Fox Legion Tac vest you’ll look like a biker with style and prepared for off-road terrain. When wearing it, you will notice how the weight is evenly distributed on the body.

Its two-liter HydraPak backpack means you can dispense with water bottles, and its 600D rip-stop fabric ensures durability. It has pockets for tools, glasses and key clips. It will be almost like carrying a backpack with you. Its retail price is 150€ and there are three sizes to choose from.

Leat Brace Raincoat


Although it is still summer, in many parts of the northern hemisphere there is no shortage of summer rains. With the Leat Brace raincoat this will not be a problem thanks to its waterproof, flexible and transparent construction. Don’t worry if the temperature is a little high, it has ventilation on the sleeves and sides.

It is designed to be worn with or without protection (you can use the vest we recommend just above!) and costs only 30€.

Upbikers, also for off road motorcycles


Our recommendations for accessories and complements are always focused on your comfort and safety. Riding in discomfort or discomfort, either due to inclement weather or road complications, increases the chances of an accident (you can review a publication in which we talk about motorcycle accidents in Spain



Some off road bikes can be a bit tall for many riders and, although in motocross riding this does not necessarily mean a complication, it can be a complication when riding in the city. For that we recommend Upbikers, the ideal product if you are a short biker or you can’t get both feet on the ground once you are on the bike. It is an accessory designed and manufactured in Spain to be placed under your shoes, adding 4 centimeters of extension to the tip of your feet.

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and reviews from other buyers and add Upbikers to your list of add-ons! We ship worldwide!

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