Looking for KTM motorcycles for short people? Here we tell you which ones!


KTM motorcycles stand out in the off-road world , although they have models that are strong competitors in other segments. The well-known Austrian brand – more about its history later – has launched vehicles that stand out for their dexterity, endurance and performance. And it is not for nothing that it is one of the most respected manufacturers, both at European and international level. Today we will recommend which KTM motorcycles are suitable for short people, in case you are not a tall rider.

KTM motorcycles for short people

In their brand ideology, KTMs are defined as “race-ready”, and with good reason. What was originally a metalworking company in the World War II years (christened Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen, or KTM for short), became a motorcycle developer in the mid-20th century with the first design of the R100.

Currently, they have a select catalog of options for adventure, rugged terrain and speed. Which KTM motorcycle models are ideal for short people? We will now analyze them.

KTM 790 Duke 2022

In the sports line, the KTM 790 Duke stands out in its 2022 edition, which highlights its naked sport characteristics. It is equipped with technological elements such as full-LED lighting, state-of-the-art instrument panel and electronic management systems for braking and handling.

It is powered by a 799 cc water-cooled twin-cylinder engine with 105 hp and has three riding modes: Rain, Street and Sport. It has a retail price of 8,999 € and a seat height of 825 mm, one of the lowest in the catalog of KTM motorcycles.

KTM 790 Adventure

Land? Asphalt? A bit of both? With the KTM 790 Adventure, terrain is no problem. Its parallel twin-cylinder engine with 4 valves and displacement of 799 cc will give you all the power you need. It is a vehicle ready for the most adventurous bikers.

It has a multi-tubular chrome steel chassis, very characteristic of the Austrian house. It has an inverted fork on the front suspension and a WP-PDS monoshock on the rear. For braking, it has a 320 mm double disc at the front and a 260 mm disc at the rear. Its retail price is 12,399 € and the seat height is 850 mm, with the ability to be reduced to 830 mm.

KTM 390 Adventure 2022

A very interesting model for off-road without betting too much on a professional level. The KTM 390 Adventure has the same engine as the 390 Duke, but is adapted to Trail. It is an agile KTM bike, with robust tires and two traction control modes -Street and Off-road- that will facilitate your initiation on difficult trails.

It has a 373 cc engine, 43 hp of power and a weight of just 170 kilograms. Its price is around 6,800 € and has a seat height of 855 mm.

The best way to reach the ground on KTM motorcycles

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ecommendation of motorcycles for short people

and, if you take a look at it, you will notice that the height of the ones we mentioned does not exceed 785 mm. We know that if you’re a biker under 5’11”, any two-wheeler above 830 mm ground to seat clearance will present a challenge for you. And to prove it, one of our customers -whose height is exactly 5’7″-

was just the right height for him

the height of the KTM 890 Adventure.

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