I am 1.70 m tall, which bike do you recommend?


Just type a couple of motorcycling-related terms into any Google-style search engine to find an endless number of publications and recommendations on the subject. Innovations, new models, routes and tips to choose the model that best suits you. But if you’re a potential biker who says, “I’m 5’11”, what bike do you recommend?“, this blog post is for you. And, even though Christmas and Three Kings Day are over, we also advise you on some accessories that you can add to your purchase.

accessories you can add to your purchase.

We’ll suggest a couple of motorcycles that are a great option if you’re barely 5’7″ – or maybe less. Remember that the height of the vehicle seat is very important so that you can safely rest both feet on the ground. A partial or one-footed step can cause an accident during a stop-start maneuver.

Motorcycles recommended if you are less than 1.70 m tall


The motorcycles that we will recommend are of different segments and brands and are designed with the option of ultra low seat, in some cases. We decided to arrange them from lower to higher.

Honda Rebel 500


Rebel 500

Honda’s Rebel 500 is a bike that is delightful to look at and to ride. Although it falls under the custom concept, its practicality, agility and comfort make it a model that any budding motorcyclist can choose.

Despite being a custom, the Rebel 500 maintains a relatively low displacement, but without sacrificing speed. Two aspects should be highlighted: its low weight (just 191 kilograms) and its 690 mm height.

Ducati Monster 821

Originally with 810 mm of ground clearance from seat to ground, the

Ducati Monster 821

can be adjusted to 785 mm. A naked motorcycle with a compact design, it has a twin-cylinder engine with longitudinal V layout. The latter feature makes the engine narrower and, consequently, the bike’s wingspan as well.

It is also a light bike, even lighter than the Honda Rebel 500, weighing 181 kg, but with a powerful displacement: 821 cc.

Kawasaki Ninja 650

We close the third set of recommendations with a very interesting model:

the Kawasaki Ninja 650

. A sport bike with a seat-to-ground clearance of 790 mm and a twin-cylinder engine that, like the Ducati Monster 821, makes the width of the bike smaller compared to other four-cylinder bikes.

A little heavier than the other two -193 kilograms- and 649 cc of power.

For any bike… Upbikers!

We already recommend a custom, a naked and a sport. Of course, within these categories there are other models with better performance, price or power. If you don’t want to depend on seat to ground clearance, Upbikers is for you.

Don’t let your body height be an impediment to get the motorcycle of your dreams: with this accessory that is placed on the toe of your shoes you will “gain” cm to be able to reach the ground more easily with your feet.

Upbikers is a product designed and manufactured in Spain that adds 4 centimeters to both legs. Their design stands out because they go with everything: sneakers, boots, shoes, whatever you wear. In addition, the Upbikers have a hole to move the brake and shift pedals easily.

Do you want to try them? Check our store, read the reviews of those who already own a pair of Upbikers and buy them. We ship worldwide.

I want to buy upbikers

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