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One of the most pleasant sensations for a biker is undoubtedly to ride his motorcycle and feel how it cuts the air making long trips through itineraries with spectacular landscapes. If you are a passionate biker you know what we mean, don’t you? However, if you’re not particularly tall, the height of a motorcycle is probably the first thing you look at. If you are not at least 1.75 m tall, riding a modern motorcycle may cause you some problems and you may be looking for a solution for tall motorcycles.

Motorcycles, in fact, have grown a lot in the last decades, especially in height and the most popular ones on the market, despite the use of special materials, are often quite heavy. It is therefore essential to reach the ground with both feet to be able to handle them and feel safe riding them on any type of terrain.

What options do you have to gain height on a motorcycle?

You have four alternatives to gain height on your bike, we analyze the pros and cons of each one.

Change or lower the seat

The first option is to lower the seat. There are several ways to do it, you can buy a model with a specifically lowered internal structure or ask an upholsterer to remove part of the foam padding in order to reduce the thickness.

The good thing about this solution is that it does not change the geometry or the dynamics of the bike and you can gain a couple of centimeters. However, it is not a cheap solution and the comfort of the seat may be reduced.

Changing the tie rods

Replacing the rear linkages with longer ones lowers the rear of the bike and makes it easier to reach the ground with your feet. You can gain a few centimeters but…. not everything is free!

The geometry of the motorcycle is affected, lowering the rear makes it slower to react in the turn and has a tendency to go “out” in the curves. Think about it very well and talk to your mechanic to evaluate if this solution is worth it.

Lowering the suspensions

This is one of the most common options for lowering the height of a motorcycle and is based on the principle of reducing suspension travel by installing bushings equivalent to the distance to be cut inside the shock absorber and forks to limit rebound.

Disadvantages? By lowering the suspensions, you stiffen them, so they do not go as they should go and for a good dynamics of the bike you would have to modify more internal things.


Gaining height with Upbikers: the solution for tall bikes

So far we have focused on solutions to lower the height of the bike, but what if the biker gains height? With Upbikers it is possible!

Thanks to this product developed in Spain it is possible to gain 4 centimeters (1.57″) just where you need it most: in the area of the first contact of the foot with the ground. You will finally be able to perform any maneuver at a standstill safely and feeling that you are in full control of your motorcycle.

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What are the advantages of Upbikers? The solution for tall bikes

Compared to the other solutions we have presented to you, Upbikers are the most convenient solution for many reasons:

  • They are one of the options that allow you to gain more height.
  • It is a universal product. You can change bikes or get on a friend’s bike and you won’t have to worry about not reaching the ground because with Upbikers you’ll get there!
  • Upbikers have no size (can be used with sizes from 35 to 43) so they are perfect for you as well as for any other biker or biker who needs to gain a few centimeters.
  • You won’t have to modify the frame of your bike. Besides saving an important expense, you will avoid modifying its geometry with possible consequences in stability and safety.
  • Undoubtedly it is the cheapest solution (better to spend the money saved on a good meal with biker friends once you arrive at a destination, right? 😉 )

Do you want to buy the Upbikers?

Visit our online store, read the reviews of those who have already tried them and take advantage of the offer!

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