Adjust the motorcycle’s suspensions to lower the ride height

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Do you find it hard to reach both feet on the ground when riding your bike? It is quite common if your height does not exceed one meter and 75 centimeters. In fact, nowadays, motorcycles are usually quite tall and heavy, something that makes it a difficult task for short people to ride them with ease. What options do you have to lower the height of your bike? We have talked about it in this post and now we analyze in more detail the possibility of lowering the suspensions of the motorcycle.

What is the function of the suspensions?

The suspension of a motorcycle consists mainly of two front forks, the single shock absorber and the rear shock absorber. There are models of motorcycles that, instead of being equipped with the two classic forks, have a gear system with shock absorbers installed at the front; other motorcycles are equipped with a double rear shock absorber instead of the classic single shock absorber.

The motorcycle suspension consists of a weight-bearing spring and a hydraulic system, capable of damping oscillations due to irregularities and bends in the terrain. On the one hand it ensures safety when riding and on the other hand it makes the rider more comfortable by isolating him from irregularities and vibrations.

Consequences of adjusting the motorcycle’s suspension to lower its height

Lowering the height of the rear shock absorbers will bring the motorcycle closer to the ground. What is important to know is that, if this is done, it is more than advisable to also lower the front part so that the chassis is level and parallel to the ground again. By doing this, the bike will be lowered, also lowering the center of gravity of the bike.

Lowering the front suspension has some effects. Mainly it changes the geometry of the bike, designed for a certain angle of the whole. This aspect must be respected as much as possible, so that the bike remains at its original inclination as far as possible.

In addition, by removing the bars at the top, the wheelbase is shortened. The shorter bike is more sensitive to cornering and less stable. The shock may be working improperly. Anything that deviates from the initial concept, generated by many hours of work by qualified engineers dedicated to making the bike go as well as possible, will move the bike away from that ideal behavior.

So, evaluate with your mechanic if lowering the suspension of your bike is the ideal option or if you risk that changing its behavior could be dangerous to ride it.

Other options you have to lower the height of the bike are: change the connecting rods or lower the seat, read the articles we have written about each of these alternatives.

Upbikers: the alternative that does not modify the geometry of your bike.

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Why change the geometry of your bike when you can gain height? Upbikers is the revolutionary solution to the problem of not touching the ground when maneuvering a tall bike.

With these risers designed for the demands of bikers, you gain 4 centimeters (1.57″) without any problems. Here are the advantages of Upbikers compared to lowering the suspension of your bike:

  • You won’t have to ask a mechanic to make changes that can modify the efficiency of the bike.
  • You don’t put your safety at risk, the bike stays the same as when it left the factory and you gain height.
  • You can wear the Upbikers while riding any bike, it is a universal solution.
  • They are one size fits all, you can lend them to your partner or a friend.
  • They are a much more economical solution than cutting suspensions.

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