Changing the connecting rods on the bike to lower the height – is this a good idea?

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If you are a biker and you are looking for ways to get your feet on the ground for maneuvers, you may have considered changing the connecting rods of your bike.

Did you know about this possible solution? Today we analyze this option and explain why it is not the best possible one. Of course, we will give you a more interesting alternative to solve your problem.

What are connecting rods

Connecting rods are the system that connects the rear shock to the swingarm. They give progressivity to the sag of the shock absorber. It is a set of cams and a trapeze that works with the aim of giving progressivity to the shock absorber. This is achieved by the difference in travel between the rear axle of the wheel and the shock absorber rod.

What happens to your bike when you change the linkages to lower the ride height?

When you decide to change the linkages on your motorcycle, in practice, you are going to change the length of the linkages. By extending the connecting rods, the motorcycle lowers.

Consider that an extra 8 mm on the linkages lowers the bike by 5-6 cm. By adding 4 mm you gain 3 cm, with 2 mm you get 1.5-2 cm.

In this video a mechanic shows how to change them:

The longer the linkage is lengthened, therefore, the lower the bike from the point where the part is positioned towards the tail of the linkage. But what happens to the bike?

Why it is better not to change the connecting rods on your bike

Keep in mind that this intervention will change the geometry of the bike. When engineers design a bike they look for a balance in all the parameters of the bike; and a variation in any of them can condition the behavior of the bike when traveling.

Changing the connecting rods will lower the rear of the bike and this causes it to be slower to react in the turn and have a tendency to go “out” in the curves.

To do things right you would have to modify other parts of the bike and balance the shifter so you don’t risk having a scare on one of your many cornering trips.

Other options you have to lower the height of the bike are: adjusting the suspension or lowering the seat, read the articles we have written about each of these alternatives.

Upbikers: a risk-free alternative

In this article we present you other options to lower the height of the bike. You will have understood that modifying technical aspects of your bike is not the best option, so how do you get to the ground when you ride your bike? Upbikers makes it easy for you.

It is a revolutionary product that is applied to your shoes in a few seconds and gives you 4 cm (1,57″) of height at the toe. Your bike stays perfect and the same as when it left the factory, you reach the ground and can maneuver it comfortably.

What are the advantages of Upbikers compared to the option of changing connecting rods? Let’s summarize:

  • You don’t modify the geometry of the bike.
  • You can wear Upbikers while riding any bike, no matter how tall it is.
  • They are universal and one-size-fits-all, any short person can wear them with any type of boot or sport shoe.
  • You gain 4 centimeters (1.57″).
  • They are a cheaper option

Do you dare to try Upbikers?

Visit our online store and take advantage of the current offer to get a pair.

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