Honda NC750X, is seat height a problem?

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Honda is known for manufacturing and marketing very attractive and popular models. Many are the owners of a motorcycle of this well-known Japanese brand and today we review one of the best sellers in Europe: the NC750X. It is reliable, offers a lot of driving safety and works for daily use and weekend getaways. A bike that if you are less than 1.75 meters tall, the seat height can be a problem. But, don’t worry, we have the solution for you at the end of this post.

An all-rounder

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The Honda NC750X is a high-flying motorcycle. We are not referring precisely to the seat height of this attractive model. We talk about the features that make it an ideal bike for versatile riders, whether they are first-timers or veterans. If you’re all about avoiding crowds on the subway or getting bored behind the wheel of a car and prefer to take a motorcycle for your commute to school or work, but you’re also into road trips, the Honda NC750X is for you. It is also an option that provides fuel economy and innovative driving.

Characteristics and driving

The Honda NC750X, in its 2021 model year, features a precise and compact chassis. It has a redesigned protective screen and additional storage space where the fuel tank would be. The manufacturers reduced its weight by 6 kilograms compared to previous editions, which, together with a more powerful engine, provides faster acceleration.

It has four driving modes with a choice of automatic or six-speed manual transmission (now with an anti-rebound clutch). In addition, Honda expanded the levels of Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), giving it more refined traction management.

It has a displacement of 745 cc, power of 57 hp and 214 kilograms of weight. It also has a safety enhancement with the inclusion of the Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) system. ESS activates the rear emergency lights when you make a hard braking manoeuvre, alerting the vehicle behind you in a timely manner.

Remarks: the height and ride of your motorcycle

Although it falls into Honda’s range of “adventure” bikes, some consider it an unclassifiable version. This is not a negative thing at all, as it has to do with the fact that the NC750X is for all uses, whether on city asphalt, on the highway or on less urban roads. There is one issue we haven’t talked about: the height of this bike. It has 80 centimeters seat heightThe NC750X is almost 40 mm larger than that of the best-selling motorcycles in Spain – the NC750X outperforms the NC750X by almost 40 mm. Yamaha NMAX 125 2021 and to the Honda PCX124 2021number two and three, respectively, in the ranking of the Top 30 best-selling motorcycles in Spain in 2020. And it is far from falling into the category of low seat bikes, as we recommended in a previous post in this blog.

If you are less than 1.75 meters tall, there is a possibility that you may find this Honda model a bit tall. Is this reason enough to desist from buying it? Not at all!

Upbikers, the seat height solution

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