How to choose a motorcycle according to your height

Choosing to enter the world of motorcycling is always a fun adventure. You may have decided for the sheer joy of pursuing a new hobby or exploring new avenues of transportation. Or by passion and the imperious call of speed and roads; or by necessity, after getting fed up with the bus or the subway (or both, why not). But just like when you rode your first bike, you realized that these types of vehicles, whether motorcycles or bicycles, come in different sizes. Today we will help you choose a bike according to your height.

There is one vital rule to keep in mind from the start: your safety will depend, in addition to your expertise on the handlebars, on feeling comfortable once you are on the motorcycle.

This comfort has to do with what they call the “ergonomic triangle”: it is the triangular pattern formed by the handlebar grips, the footpegs and the support on the seat.

And just as there are road bikes, beach bikes, track bikes and mountain bikes with different designs and ways of riding, motorcycling is no different.

The different brands design models according to needs or categories, and they are as varied as the colors. It goes without saying that with a very sporty, high displacement motorcycle you will experience a different ride than with a scooter. But regardless of the purpose you have in mind (touring, daily use, touring, etc.), should your height be a concern when choosing a motorcycle? Here’s our answer.

Tips for choosing a motorcycle according to your height


Once in motion, a motorcycle can be driven even by a child (we’re not saying it should!). The problem will come when you have to make the braking-starting maneuver and the dreaded moment of landing with both feet on the ground arrives.

It is during this maneuver, above all, that your height and the type of motorcycle you are riding have to living in harmonyIf you are very tall with a bike that is too low, you will find it a bit uncomfortable or, on the contrary, if you are short and ride a large bike, it will mean a considerable risk for your riding. And the fact is that not landing with both feet on the ground (or trying some of the maneuvers we have already talked about

we have already talked about here

) increase the chances of losing balance and falling.

If you are taller than 5’10”, you will have a fairly easy task, as most models will fit your body type well. Sport, custom or naked, whichever you choose, it will surely fit you well, the important thing is to make a test and take into account what we have already mentioned about placing both feet. Even choosing a scooter in its ‘maxi’ version will be a good option for you.

I’m less than 1.70m tall, will I have problems choosing a bike because of my height?

You will not necessarily have problems choosing a motorcycle if your height is less than 1.70m, although you will have to be very careful when choosing the model.

Look for motorcycles that have their lowest version of the seat, those with seat heights less than 700mm. There is also the possibility of reducing the seat or modifying the structure of the vehicle to subtract a few centimeters, although it is not entirely advisable since you sacrifice driving and safety.

Finally, you could opt for low-displacement motorcycles or small models, such as the ones we have already recommended here


. However, the portfolio of this type of motorcycles is somewhat limited and you may be left with the desire to buy that model that you like so much.

Upbikers: so you don’t have to worry about your height

Should you throw away that dream of buying a sport bike or a vintage James Dean-style motorcycle because of your height? No, definitely not. With Upbikers, an accessory 100% Made in Spain, you will add 4 centimeters to the tip of your feet, just where you need them most.

By using Upbikers you will be able to feel more comfortable on a large number of motorcycle models, as they will help you reach the ground without any problems. Their versatile design allows you to wear them with any type of sneakers or shoes and it will be as if you were not wearing them at all.

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