How do our customers rate Upbikers?

There is something we like to say constantly on this blog because we stand by reality and lead by example: we ship worldwide! And with a lot of encouragement we can tell you that we have reached half the world. Well, if we get strict, we reach half a hundred countries, more or less a quarter of all officially recognized countries in 2022, not bad, right? And having this scope, we are interested in meeting expectations and knowing how our customers rate Upbikers.

In this post we will review some comments of the almost 200 reviews left by bikers who have been encouraged to purchase our product.

Customers’ rating of Upbikers


We are a company committed to constant improvement and quality. That is why we know that everything can be improved and there are areas of opportunity in our work. However, it is very gratifying to know that, of the 176 ratings we received from our customers, the vast majority rated Upbikers with 4/5 and 5/5 stars. This means that a large volume of those who have purchased our products are satisfied or very satisfied with their use, versatility and materials.

And this satisfaction on the part of our customers has contributed to generate a snowball effect in which buyers from different latitudes join us. Today we can say that Upbikers has reached bikers in 47 countries, bringing a simple but ingenious solution for those who have difficulty riding a motorcycle because of the height of the vehicle or their physical stature.

What do customers who have already rated Upbikers say?

Opinions are very varied, we share a few of them below:

From Italy, Alfonso tells us:

Four centimeters that give more security (even mental). It seems strange at first, but once you get used to them, you can’t do without them.

Without specifying his location, Abdul Majid opined:

Reliable product and fast delivery, even coming from Europe.

And from Spain, Pedro Martínez responded:

I had my doubts, but it was the best I could do. I was about to sell the bike because every time I stopped it was a suffering for not slipping or catching a slope. Fuck, I get my feet on the ground! And the really “weird” thing is that you don’t even know you’re wearing them.

But Upbikers has not only helped motorcyclists starting out or those who have always had problems with the seat height of their vehicle. It has also benefited more experienced bikers like Marcelo Esteban:

Excellent for those who, in my case, have over 40 years of motorcycle experience and bought a bike that is bigger and heavier than all the previous ones. It is very safe to reach the ground.

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About Upbikers

Yes, many people talk about the wonders of our product, but what are Upbikers? They are shims that fit over your feet, adding 4 centimeters of extension to the end of your limbs. Its durable material and ergonomic design will help you to support you safely when you are riding your motorcycle. They go with any type of footwear and are designed so that you can move the shift pedals as if you were not wearing them. A product 100% made in Spain and, as you have already seen, with worldwide shipping!

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