How to reach the ground better on the Morini X-Cape 650 2022


Spring is here and the weather is becoming more and more inviting for adventure. And if we’re talking about adventures, today we’ll review a bike in this category and, by the way, give you a tip: we’ll explain how to get to the ground better on a Morini X-Cape 2022. We will review some of its most interesting features and characteristics , and give you recommendations for safe driving.

Features of the Morini X-Cape 650 2022

This motorcycle from the renowned Italian brand stands out for its versatility and comfort. It is one of the most in-demand models in the Spanish market this year, and not for nothing. Morini has relaunched this line and endowed it with features that make it a competitive and attractive trail .

Let’s start with one of its main strengths, but not the only one: its remarkable price of €7,290. This figure is below other similar models that could be rivals to the X-Cape 650, such as the Suzuki V-Strom or the BMW F 750 GS.

Its futuristic and intrepid appearance invites you to travel the roads with confidence thanks to its futuristic and intrepid aesthetics. Its 19” front tire and 50 mm diameter adjustable front fork give it that off-road touch that we like so much. However, if you’re looking for something for more challenging trails,

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may interest you.

It features a 7-inch dashboard display – one of the largest on the market – offering all relevant information while driving. The braking system can be switched to ABS and its Marzocchi forks are fully adjustable. Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires are essential to enjoy the road ahead of you.

Its 649 cc inline twin-cylinder engine makes the X-Cape 650 an accessible bike for riders of average experience. It weighs 213 kilograms and has a seat clearance of 820 millimeters. Is this bad news for short bikers? Let’s review the options to better reach the ground on the Morini X-Cape 650.

How to reach the ground better on the Morini X-Cape 650 2022?


As we have already mentioned in other posts in this blog, do not rule out a motorcycle model or introduce yourself to the world of motorcycling if you think your height is a handicap. Of course, there are many models that will be “high”, taking into account that, once mounted on the bike, you should ideally be able to put both feet on the ground. This way you will have total control and stability of the vehicle, which is essential during braking and starting maneuvers.

There are techniques for getting to the ground with the Morini X-Cape 650, some require some practice and others are definitely for more experienced bikers. There is the side stand, lifting the bike directly on the right foot or, the most complicated of all, getting on the bike in motion, taking advantage of the momentum of the starter. You can read

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in which we explain in detail each of these maneuvers.

The solution for better ground clearance on the Morini X-Cape 650 2022

What if instead of trying tricks and techniques, you simply put on an accessory and that’s it? With Upbikers, it’s as simple as that. These are shims that fit over the tip of your toes and add 4 centimeters of length to your limbs, making it easier for short bikers to better reach the ground with the Morini X-Cape or any bike you like.

A versatile accessory designed to drive as if you were not wearing them. They are designed to be used with any type of footwear and their ergonomics allow you to move the pedals of the bike with ease.

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