How do I get to the ground on a motorcycle if I am short?


Many questions arise before entering the world of motorcycling: which model to choose? How much practice should I get before venturing out on my own? What are the requirements for the card? And a very long etcetera. But if you are a potential biker and, at the same time, a little short in stature, the first question that comes to your mind is surely this: how to reach the ground on a motorcycle?

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mentioned the height gap that female bikers in Spain face). We can say that anything below this average could be considered short stature. However, being short is not an impediment to be able to ride a motorcycle or encourage you to try this means of transportation.

In this post we’ll give you a couple of tips on how to get to the ground on a motorcycle if you’re not exactly tall.

Tips on how to reach the ground on a motorcycle

The tips described here are merely techniques that you can use during practice. However, it is very important that you consider the pros and cons involved. Before venturing out to try any motorcycle model, remember to take all necessary safety precautions and/or have the supervision or follow the advice of someone more experienced in the field.

Lateral debottlenecking

You take the bike, you ride it and you realize that even if you apply all the elasticity of your legs, it is not possible to touch the ground with both toes. In this scenario you can use the side stand technique. To do this, you have to move your hip to the right side so that with the foot on that side you can support and, with the left, retract the side stand and engage first gear. It is a widely used method that is becoming quite easy to use with practice. But with the clear disadvantage that a wrongly calculated movement can make you lose your balance and fall.

Direct to the right foot

This maneuver is very similar to the drop-off maneuver, with the difference that it consists of lifting the motorcycle directly on the right foot. To do this, get on the vehicle and, with the vehicle resting on the side stand, look for the ground with the right foot and, with the required force and with the handlebars turned completely to the left, remove the stand with the left foot. Unlike the previous technique, this one requires more strength than dexterity, besides being especially complicated if done on sloping terrain in favor of the trestle. Not recommended if you feel you don’t have enough leg strength.

On the move

This is perhaps the most risky and one to be very careful with, as the Internet is full of unintentionally funny videos with people practicing this maneuver and failing in the attempt. When it is really difficult to reach the side stand, there is no choice but to get on the bike while it is moving. To perform it, you have to stand on your left side and with your hip and the handlebars you put the bike vertically. Then you apply the front brake while removing the stand and immediately engage first gear. By slightly releasing the clutch you will notice that the bike gains some speed until it is stable. Thus, you will get a window of opportunity for a fraction of a second to get on.

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