Is the seat of your motorcycle too high? We have an alternative

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Imagine this situation: you meet all the conditions (license, budget and riding skills) and the moment every biker wants to choose a model arrives. Will it be a sports car? Or maybe a naked? In such a decision there will be many aspects to take into consideration: engine capacity, components, accessories, aesthetics, to name a few. After much consideration, you finally make up your mind and set out to buy. However, what if the seat of that long-awaited bike is too high? It’s not the end of the world, we have the solution for you.

When the seat of your motorcycle is too high

The different models of motorcycles are adapted to the needs of the riders: for long journeys, for rough roads, for everyday use. The various designs and ergonomics may be ideal for some but uncomfortable for others. A very sporty motorcycle could be tiring for a rider who prefers something less powerful. And a scooter will be a bit boring for those who prefer speed and aerodynamics.

But among all these factors that can play for or against you, there is one that cannot be allowed:that the seat of your bike is too high. This would make it impossible to land on the ground with both feet once mounted on the motorcycle, reducing control and balance. This is a very relevant aspect in driving safety because, without both extremities resting on a surface, the risk of falling increases.

This happened to Henzsel, one of our customers. Get to know its history.

Upbikers: the alternative if the seat of your bike is too high

Henzsel tested a Honda NC750X, a very reliable adventure bike that delights with its safety and comfort. This Honda model is suitable for both daily commuting and road trips. It has built-in storage capacity, twin-cylinder engine that provides considerable fuel savings. It weighs about 214 kg and has a seat height of 800 mm. However, our customer noticed that, despite being 5’6″ tall, it was difficult to reach the ground with both legs when riding.

There are alternatives for riders with this problem: reduce the height of the motorcycle or take advantage of the momentum of the start to get on the motorcycle. We have already discussed this topic in a previous
a previous blog entry
specifically with the Honda NC750X.

Returning to Henzsel, our customer learned about Upbikers, a practical and easy to put on shoe shims. This accessory adds 4 centimeters to the tip of the feet, facilitating braking-starting maneuvers for people who are less than 1.75 meters tall. From Hungary and on its
YouTube channel
Henzsel tested the Upbikers and noticed a considerable improvement.

Upbikers is a great option for short bikers who are not limited in their choice of motorcycle model by their height. It is an extremely versatile accessory that can be worn with any footwear. Rainy day and you’re wearing boots? On your way to the office and decided to wear some cool shoes? Upbikers goes with all of them.

It is a product completely designed and manufactured in the Valencian Community and is shipped worldwide. Check out
the review
from a satisfied customer like Henzsel and convince yourself. Drive safely and comfortably! Drive with Upbikers. Visit our store

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