The solution if the seat of your motorcycle is too high

In several posts on this blog we have made recommendations for motorcycle models if you are a not very tall rider. A few weeks ago we reviewed

a couple of motorcycles for people under 1.70 meters tall

. But what about those bikers who measure this or a little more and still don’t feel fully confident riding the vehicle? We will present you the solution if the seat of your motorcycle is too high from Henzsel, from Hungary.

Henzsel is one of our customers and from Hungarian lands he tested two quite nice and recent models of motorcycles: the Husqvarna Norden 901 and the KMT 890 Adventure. This was the result.

Testing the KMT 890 Adventure

Our guest biker first got on the KTM 890 Adventure with a ground to seat clearance of 830 millimeters. It should be noted that Henzsel is exactly one meter and 70 centimeters tall and found this model to be quite comfortable and accessible. During the test you can see how you have full control of the vehicle in a static state. It can land firmly on the ground with both feet, allowing it to maneuver with the necessary balance.

It is important to emphasize what should be the golden rule for every biker: always be sure to reach the ground with both feet simultaneously once on the motorcycle. In this way, we will avoid a loss of balance during braking and starting maneuvers.

Testing the Husqvarna Norden 901

Then it was the turn of the Husqvarna Norden 901, an imposing motorcycle with a seat height of 854 mm. Although it is only 14 millimeters taller than the KTM 890 and Henzsel is quite tall for the world of motorcycling, his first impression when testing it was: insecurity. The width of the motorcycle and those extra 1.4 centimeters of height were enough reasons for our guest biker to feel uncomfortable when getting on.

Problems with seat height

seat height solution

Henzsel has two ways to go if he wanted to venture out on the Norden 901: apply some techniques to mount and start the bike (as we have already explained

in a previous post

) when the seat is too high for you or make modifications to the frame.

Both paths have their pros and cons. On the one hand, going straight to applying some daring biker techniques will help you save a few euros to avoid spending on accessories and modifications, although you will add a degree of complexity to riding. Not to mention the safety repercussions your driving can have.

And if you choose to modify the structure of your motorcycle by changing the seat for a reduced one or get a kit to lower the height, you will sacrifice comfort and modify the geometry of your bike. In addition, you will have to make a large investment in components and installation.

However, Henzsel knew there is a third way. Get to know him.

Upbikers, the solution if the seat of your bike is too high

seat height solution

Henzsel is a customer of Upbikers, an elevator that attaches to the toe of your shoes and allows you to gain 4 centimeters on both legs. It is an accessory completely designed and manufactured in Spain and is designed for all types of bikers, not only for the short ones.

It is an ergonomic, economical and versatile product for motorcyclists for whom height is not an impediment to riding any model. Henzsel installed a pair of Upbikers on his shoes and was able to get on the Husqvarna Norden 901 without any trouble. See the complete test he did for Upbikers



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