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Getting started in any discipline, hobby or sport is an adventure but it also implies entering an unknown world. And as it is in cycling, baking or fishing (yes, fishing! although it sounds like an old man’s pastime), in motorcycling one has to start with the basics. You don’t have to be a genius to know that the golden rule when getting your first piece of equipment – in this case, the vehicle in question – is “The Triple B”: something good, nice and cheap. One thing any experienced rider will tell you is to start with something low displacement. And if, besides being a beginner, you also consider yourself in the “short” range, here we recommend a couple of options of low 125 cc motorcycles (and if you want to make your search even more effective, check out

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Low 125cc motorcycles: what are they and what do they consist of?

Almost in general, these motorcycles have the triple B. They are accessible because for most of them it is enough to have the A1 or B2 license + 3 years. They are also attractive as you will find them in all colors and flavors, some with a sporty look, others with a retro touch. And they are definitely the most affordable option on the market: their average price is usually around 2,000-2,200 euros. But what is more important if you are under 1.70 meters tall is that you will find the seat height very comfortable.

Mitt 125 PK

Acclaimed for its unbeatable price/performance ratio, the Mitt 125 PK is a compact motorcycle that offers speed and comfort. This is one of the lowest on the market with a seat height of only 750 mm. It is the strongest card for fairly novice or short bikers.

You can get this beautiful model for just over 2,400 euros.

Brixton Crossfire 125 XS

If there is one thing Brixton is known for, it is that touch of vintage nostalgia in the design of its models. But the Crossfire 125 breaks that mold: a chassis with sober details and a modern look but with basic equipment. This monkey-bike stands out for its ergonomics with high handlebars and a two-seater seat. Seat height? Only 760 mm.

Do you like it? Prepare 1,999 euros to make it yours.

Keeway K-Light 125

If what really catches your attention are cruiser or custom motorcycles, the Keeway K-Light 125 is what you are looking for. Oscillating between the two designs, it is one of the most affordable in terms of price and size that you will find in the aforementioned ranges. The seat height is 715 mm and its final price is 2,199 euros.

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125 cc motorcycles are a great option for beginner motorcyclists who are not too tall. But there will surely come a time when you’re looking for more power or a bigger bike model you’ll fall in love with. For any of these cases there are Upbikers.

Without the need to modify the motorcycle chassis or add expensive details, the Upbikers solve the problem of not being able to fix both feet on the ground once on the bike. They are an accessory that is placed on your footwear and adds 4 centimeters to your extremities, to help you support your feet well on the asphalt.

This product designed and manufactured in Spain is versatile and comfortable: you can use them regardless of the type of shoes you wear and you can move the brake and shift pedals as if you were not wearing them.

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