A1 and A2 exams and UPBIKERS®.

What an ordeal I was going through to get my motorcycle license. I’m not very tall and in the final part of the closed circuit I had real problems keeping the bike stable when stopping. I had already failed a couple of times for the same thing.

Suddenly I discovered UPBIKERS® and, thanks to them, I passed my A1 and A2 licenses in the same morning. How? Very easy, I wore the UPBIKERS® to do the practical tests and they helped me to maintain stability at a standstill, which was what I always lacked to do a perfect exercise.

But how is it possible that I was able to use UPBIKERS® in the exam?

Yes, it is possible and in fact the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) specifically the Deputy Assistant Directorate of Road Training, in INSTRUCTION 14/C-116 of July 18, 2014, clarifies which is. “the necessary equipment that motorcycle license applicants must wear when taking the aptitude and performance tests to obtain this license.“. Further on, it says literally “The Community Directive, the General Regulations for Drivers, the Order and the Instruction that develops the training of this type of driving instruction, expressly state that motorcyclists shall use motorcyclist protective equipment that guarantees as much as possible the safety of the driver and passenger of this type of vehicle. Hence, when we speak of motorcyclist equipment we are referring to elements that are purchased in specialized motorcyclist stores, conceived and manufactured for use in motorcycle riding, which ensure the maximum possible protection, in addition to allowing agility and comfort when handling these vehicles.” (link to PDF)

I went to the examination area, put on my UPBIKERS® and … APPROVED, finally.

If, like me, you have trouble getting to the ground of the bike, use UPBIKERS® and hit the road without any problems …

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