We tell you how to get to the ground better on the Honda NT1100 2022


Summer is getting closer and closer and we feel like going on an adventure. We recently published a review of the Ducati DesertX on this blog.

Ducati DesertX

a trail to go on any kind of road. In this post we will talk about a model that you will love to all those who love long routes and touring. And since we know that tourers have large dimensions, today we will describe how to better reach the ground on the Honda NT1100 2022, a great option from the renowned Japanese brand.

If you are a short biker, you may have dismissed the idea of getting a touring motorcycle in the past. And we understand: when we are not in full control of the motorcycle’s balance – with both feet on the ground, once mounted – we feel distrustful and riding risks increase. Well, read on to find out our tips!

Honda NT1100 2022 Features


Honda’s NT1100 is a motorcycle heir to the characteristics of the Africa Twin from the same Asian manufacturer, with the difference that they have emphasized ride comfort on paved road trips.

A motorcycle with a very competitive price -14.400€-taking into consideration the wide range of electronic assistance available to make travel more comfortable. For example, it is fitted with a balanced axle to reduce vibrations and hollow hub center aluminum rims with diagonally intersecting spoke design for smoothness in straight-line riding and stiffness in curves.

It has a 1,984 cc in-line twin-cylinder engine and Linear Air Flow (LAF) sensors located in the exhaust elbows to measure the air/fuel mixture ratio. It has three riding modes: Urban (standard), Rain (lower power and engine braking) and Tour (strong acceleration with higher weight) with which the traction control is managed.

It weighs 238 kg and, unlike the average large classic touring motorcycle, the Honda NT1100 is more streamlined. It follows the line of the so-called asphalt trail or sport-tourer. However, the ground to seat height is 820 mm, a measurement that some will find somewhat high.

How to reach the ground better on the Honda NT1100?

A common option to better reach the ground on bikes like the Honda NT1100 is to purchase a kit to lower the height of the bike. It consists of connecting rods – parts on which the rear shock absorber rests – cause the rear suspension to lower when the anchor point is changed.

A kit like this reduces the height of the motorcycle by just a few centimeters, but it will change the geometry that the vehicle already has from the factory, modifying to some extent its operation. To this must be added the cost of more than 315€, not counting labor.

A good option for better ground clearance on the Honda NT1100

What if, instead of making expensive modifications to your motorcycle, you purchased a versatile, resistant and comfortable accessory? A great alternative to better reach the ground on the Honda NT1100 is Upbikers. It is an innovative product designed for people looking to safely ride a motorcycle that they find too high.

This product, designed and manufactured in Valencia, Spain, is easily and conveniently placed under your footwear in a matter of seconds. With it you will gain 4 centimeters at the tip of each foot, right at the point of support.

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