Do you want to lower the height of the BMW F 750 GS 2023? Find out how by reading this article!


There is no such thing as balance. A motorcycle that is functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Affordable and, at the same time, a vehicle to be highlighted. In this publication we will review a motorcycle that meets these characteristics. A mid-weight trail that stands out for its design, value for money and features. Also, if you’re a short biker, we’ll tell you how to lower the height of the BMW F 750 GS. Don’t forget to check out our


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BMW F 750 GS 2023 data sheet

The BMW F 750 GS 2023 is an adventure vehicle for virtually all roads and terrains. It shares some features with its big brother, the F 850 GS -which we talked about

we talked about recently – such as the engine and chassis

-such as the engine and chassis. It features expanded equipment including ABS Pro brakes, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and LED turn signals. Also, but not least, the Pro driving modes, although they are optional.

It has a twin-cylinder engine with 853 cc and 77 hp, which transmits a lot of power to the rear wheel. However, this does not translate into high fuel costs, as fuel consumption remains low (4.1 liters per 100 km, according to WMTC). And the German brand has tried to make the F 750 GS a model accessible to most bikers. It therefore includes a low-power alternative – 48 hp – for those with an A2 driver’s license.

It has a retail price of 10,100 €, weighs 224 kilograms and the seat height is 815 mm, with the option to be reduced (this will be discussed in more detail in the next section).

Lowering the height of the BMW F 750 GS, is it possible?

In addition to the conventional seat, BMW offers two options for tall and short riders. For tall people, there is the 845 mm Rallye seat. And for drivers who are not very tall, the 760 mm “extra low” variant at zero cost. And while this is great news for many bikers, for some really short bikers it will still not be enough.

Another way to lower the height of the BMW F 750 GS is the linkage kit that some online stores offer. We have commented many times on this type of kit and our position remains the same: it can affect the geometry and response of the motorcycle at different times of the ride.

Lowering the height of BMW F 750 GS 2023? Better use Upbikers


As we said at the beginning: there is nothing like balance. How about a way to lower the height of the BMW 750 without modifying its bodywork and that is also affordable? A rugged accessory, but also versatile? Upbikers have that balance. They are an accessory that is placed underneath your shoes and adds 4 centimeters of extension to the main support area: the tip of your toes. With them you will be able to support both extremities on the ground while you are on the bike, offering comfort and safety.

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