Hungry for adventure? We tell you how to get to the ground better on the BMW F 850 GS Adventure 2023.

At Upbikers we are still looking for adventure. Just last week we did a roundup of the best accessories for

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if you ride off-road motorcycles and now we will present the review of a bike worthy of long rides and lots of action. If you’re a fan of long hauls and rough terrain, check out this blog post in detail, as today we’ll take a look at the spec sheet and tell you how to get to the ground better on the BMW F 850 GS Adventure 2023.

BMW F 850 GS Adventure 2023 data sheet

The German brand distinguishes itself, among other things, by manufacturing vehicles with high-quality equipment. The BMW F 850 GS Adventure is no exception and its 2023 model has an upgrade in electronics and mechanics. Unlike its more standard version – the F 850 GS – this one is ready for long trips, as it features a USB charging connector and BMW Motorrad Connected, guaranteeing mobile connectivity.

In addition, it has the remarkable capacity of 23 liters of gasoline, which translates into approximately 550 km of range. And because the roads can be unpredictable, it comes with handlebar covers, wide footpegs, engine protection and stainless steel luggage racks. It falls into the off-road category thanks to its 43 mm inverted fork with adjustable rear monoshock and rebound 215 mm of travel.

It has electronic suspension, displacement of 853 cc and power of 95 hp. This vehicle with a two-cylinder in-line engine is priced at 14,130€ and has a seat height of 875 mm.

How to get better ground clearance on the BMW F 850 GS Adventure 2023

Did you notice the almost 880 mm seat height? It is a considerable size, especially if you are a biker who is less than 1.70 m tall. Because, although long distances won’t be a problem for you, if you don’t get both feet on the ground, braking-starting maneuvers will be (we talked about this in a

publication on touring motorcycles


How best to reach the ground on the BMW F 850 GS Adventure? One option is to purchase a linkage kit to reduce the height of the bike. And although many workshops claim that the ergonomics will be maintained, the reality is that the geometry of the motorcycle is in danger of being altered, affecting its handling as well.

Reaching the ground is easier with Upbikers


It is very easy to look for those famous linkage kits to lower the height by modifying the suspension of the bike. The tricky part is finding reviews from satisfied customers because, after an online search, we saw very few options with published opinions.

With Upbikers, in addition to having the backing of hundreds of our buyers, you can better reach the ground on the BMW F 850 GS Adventure without having to go to the mechanic or purchase expensive parts. Upbikers are shims that add 4 centimeters of extension to the tip of your toes, the main support area. It is a durable and versatile accessory because it is placed on the bottom of any type of footwear (shoes, sneakers or boots).

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