How to get to the ground on the Honda Rebel 1100 2022? Here we tell you


Honda motorcycles are characterized by being very reliable vehicles, with great performance and, depending on the category, they rarely disappoint. This and because it is one of the favorite brands in the market is that we have already made several reviews and recommendations of motorcycles of the Japanese brand. And this entry will be no exception: we will review a fairly recent model that almost automatically became a classic. But, attention! No matter your size – whether you’re a tall rider or a petiteone today we’ll tell you how to get to the ground on the Honda Rebel 1100 2022.

We constantly emphasize the importance of reaching firmly and with both feet for the pavement – or the type of road you are traveling – because it is one of the foundations of responsible and safe driving. Stable support translates into optimum vehicle balance. When it is difficult to support with both limbs or only with one limb, therisk of falling or having an accident increases. A

study by the Spanish Road Association (AEC), in conjunction with an insurer, revealed that 52% of motorcycle accidents did not involve other vehicles.

in conjunction with an insurance company, revealed that 52% of motorcycle accidents involved no other vehicles. Drive safely!

Honda Rebel 1100 2022 data sheet

The very young Honda Rebel 1100 2022 is here to stay. In only its second edition, it sets the standard with design, capacity and a very competitive price (10,450 €) compared to other models in the category. Big sister of the already reviewed

Rebel 500

has a mix of custom and bobber styles, accompanied by good performance and state-of-the-art technology.

It has a 1084 cc parallel-twin engine that is responsive when demanded but generally relaxed to ride. It has an electronic throttle that allows to have a deployment of assistances such as the three driving modes. In addition, its rigid tubular steel chassis and naked-spec suspensions, together with outstanding braking power, give it great dynamism.

Aesthetically, a minimalist style can be appreciated with fenders that reveal the wide tires and the classic circular headlight complemented with full-LED technology. On the technological side, it has a negative LCD display on the instrumentation, USB-C charger under the seat and different power deliveries, engine braking, selectable torque control and wheelie control.

We definitely have to highlight its dimensions and weight. The Rebel 1100 surprises with a weight of 223 kg and a seat height of only 700 mm.

How to reach the ground on the Honda Rebel 1100?

This is by far an ideal motorcycle for short riders. In past posts we have reviewed other Honda models such as the
(830 mm), the

CBR1000RR-R Fireblade

(832 mm) or the


(820 mm), with the ground to seat height being 127 mm higher on average than the Rebel 1100. Its design is attractive and its performance is outstanding, so it would be a pity if modifications such as the installation of a connecting rod kit were made to reduce the height. But if these 700 mm are still “high” for you, we have a solution for you.

A good alternative for getting to the ground on the Honda Rebel 1100


If you are just “a little bit” short of reaching the ground on the Honda Rebel 1100, don’t look for other options, the answer is Upbikers. It is a durable accessory that is placed under your shoes and adds up to 4 centimeters of extension to your feet, right in the support area we have already mentioned.

Upbikers are versatile as they go with any type of sneaker, shoe or boot. On my way to work dressed up? A soccer game with colleagues? You will be able to use them without any problem. In addition, its design is designed to allow you to use the shifter as if you were not wearing anything extra.

Drive safe with Upbikers! Check out our


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