Want better ground clearance on the CFMoto 800MT Touring? Here we tell you about it!

The world of motorcycling is inherently linked to speed, adventure and thrills. But just as in cycling not everything is mountain biking or pirouettes, as there are also touring bikes and to go quietly, there are those who prefer a more relaxing hobby of motorcycles. In our review today we will talk about a bike that meets all the criteria for this type of biker. What is its technical data sheet and how best to reach the ground on the CFMoto 800MT Touring 2022? Today we tell you the most relevant.

CFMoto 800MT Touring 2022 data sheet


The CFMoto 800MT Touring is characterized by a quieter spirit, smooth ride and traction, as well as outstanding comfort. Unlike other Trail (such as this

this one

we have already reviewed), the 800MT Touring has a more tarmac leaning. It is the top version of the Sport, with more options and equipment, for a slightly higher price (11,995 €). Among these improvements versus the sport model are spoked wheels, a tire pressure monitoring sensor (TPMS), heated seat and grips, and off-road protection.

It has a 799 cc twin-cylinder engine of Austrian manufacture (KTM) with a power output of 95 hp at 9,000 rpm. According to experts, although it shares an engine with the KTM 790 Adventure, “they are two completely different bikes”. It has a Bosch electronic throttle and two riding modes (Sport and Rain), an anti-rebound clutch, quick-change system and cruise control. It weighs a total of 231 kg and has a seat height of 825 mm.

How to better reach the ground on the CFMoto 800MT Touring

That 82+ centimeters from the ground to the seat on the CFMoto 800MT Touring may not be much of a problem for a 5’11” rider. It is enough to recall

one of our previous publications

in which we showed how one of our customers tested the KTM 890 Adventure, a bike with a similar height to the model we review today, being able to get on and maneuver it without problems. The situation becomes more complicated if you are a driver who is below that average height.

Although it has a large presence in the market, it is not so easy to find alternative accessories or modifications to lower the height of the CFMoto. When there are no factory options to reduce seat height or linkage kits to shorten the wheelbase, short bikers are left with little choice but to “work it out” with up and down techniques of a motorcycle that sits high (with its safety implications).

Better ground clearance on the CFMoto 800MT Touring? It’s easier than you think


Height does not a motorcyclist make and it would be very sad if you missed out.

wide routes

to ride on these good weather dates with the CFMoto 800MT Touring. Do you know how you can do it? With Upbikers. It is the solution for all short drivers who have difficulties during braking-starting maneuvers or who opt for small or low-displacement models. Your height will not be an impediment to choose the bike you want with this accessory that is placed on your feet and adds 4 centimeters of extension in the support area. They are versatile, resistant and go with any type of footwear!


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