What are the most common motorcycle accidents in Spain and how to prevent them?


No biker will let us lie: riding a motorcycle is an enjoyable experience. Whether you enter this two-wheeled world for the mere need to get around or as a hobby, it is an activity that engages you. And it is not for nothing that it is a huge community of people who enjoy riding routes and accumulating kilometers. However, the motorcyclist is also one of the most vulnerable drivers (along with the cyclist). Today we will talk about the most recurrent motorcycle accidents in Spain and measures to prevent them.

We explain the most common motorcycle accidents in Spain.

No one is exempt from being involved in an accident. From the pedestrian who mistakenly missed the red light, to the car driver who failed to brake in time. It is true that it is possible to reduce the risk of a mishap when basic safety measures are followed. However, when riding a motorcycle – or a moped – you have to be doubly cautious. According to


these are some of the most recent statistics on motorcycle accidents in Spain:

  • Eighty-five percent of the fatal accidents occurred on conventional roads.
  • 86% occurred at an intersection.
  • Seventy-five percent involved models with a cylinder capacity of 500 cc or more.

And you might well think that most of these events happen at high speed or on winding roads. But statistics show the opposite: the main motorcycle accidents in Spain are slides, rear-end collisions, crossings and changes of direction.

How to prevent these accidents?

Most landslides occur when weather conditions are adverse. Likewise, the state of the asphalt or terrain you are riding on affects: culverts, gasoline stains, pedestrian crosswalks whose paint has not been treated to prevent slipping. Our recommendation is to be alert when the forecast calls for rain and to drive with caution on busy roads.

In addition to the above recommendations – a bit obvious, we know – there are two tips that are fundamental to reduce the risk of an accident: brake in advance and make yourself visible. Braking progressively and indicating where you are going to stop by tapping the brake several times will help to warn drivers behind and avoid rear-end collisions.

It goes without saying that

having the necessary equipment

equipment is very important. Wearing a helmet should not be a recommendation, but an obligation (not to mention that, if not worn, the fine is 200 €). Head protection should be accompanied by the use of gloves, a protective jacket and, if conditions warrant, boots.

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Fatal accidents can be prevented by following these tips. We can also reduce the possibility of minor accidents such as falls when losing balance during a stop-start maneuver. To all these recommendations, add the use of Upbikers.

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