Is it possible to reduce the seat height of the Kawasaki Z900 2022? We tell you how

What do all the “classics” have in common? We never tire of talking about them. And it can be anything from a song, a movie or even a motorcycle. And we are convinced that this is the case for the Kawasaki Z900 2022. This vehicle, which year after year, with slight changes and some improvements compared to its predecessors, remains one of the market’s favorites and repeats this recognition in 2022. But maybe those 820 mm of height will make you hesitate to buy one of these beautiful Japanese bikes. Don’t worry, today we will tell you how it is possible toreduce the seat height of the Kawasaki Z900.

And it cannot be overemphasized: being able to put both feet on the ground once you are on the bike is crucial. In addition to carrying all the necessary equipment and driving in compliance with road regulations, firm support should be the golden rule of safety.

See the Kawasaki Z900 data sheet

When we say that we never tire of talking about the Kawasaki Z900 it is because it is not the first time that we have reviewed it (like its predecessor).


and one of its

anniversary versions

). But this medium-high displacement naked (948 cc) stands out for its competitive price(10.550€) and a very complete package. In 2022 it repeats as one of the best-selling motorcycles, even though we are taking into account all categories(scooters, low displacement, etc.), which says a lot about it.

The Z900 2022 comes powerful: 125 hp (92.2 kW) to be more precise. It has a TFT color display with Bluetooth connectivity capabilities through the mobile app.


. This application allows you to link your smartphone to some aspects of vehicle operation. It is equipped with an anti-rebound clutch that gives the driver a feeling of safety and comfort. And although it shares many technical aspects with the Z900 2021, this time there is a very interesting selection of colors to choose from such as metallic spark black, pearl robotic white and the classic candy lime green.

Is it possible to reduce the seat height of the Kawasaki Z900?

One option for lowering the seat height of the Kawasaki Z900 is to purchase theERGO-FIT Low Front Seat. This adaptation is 20 mm lower than the original, although you will still have to deal with a total height of 800 mm. Not to mention its cost of €188.

There are other alternatives that are not recommended since they modify the geometry of the motorcycle and may affect its handling.

Upbikers, a solution for tall bikes

reduce seat height kawasaki z900

A comfortable and durable accessory is all it takes to take your mind off the issue of lowering the Kawasaki Z900’s ride height. With Upbikers it is possible without the need to buy mechanical parts or alter your motorcycle. They are shims that are placed on the tip of your feet, underneath your footwear, and go with shoes, sneakers or boots. By using them, you will add 4 centimeters in the most important support area once you are on the bike.

Enter our


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