Is the seat height of the Honda Rebel 500 a problem? We give you some solutions


New year, new image. Although 2022 is not over yet (we are just entering its last quarter!), there are already some brands preparing their 2023 models with interesting faces, colors and designs. Such is the case of the Honda Rebel 500, which although it presents few changes with respect to its model of the present period, the customizable package and the colors to choose of course that fall in love. Especially those bikers who are very loyal to the brand from Shizuoka, Japan. And if you’re concerned about the seat height of the Honda Rebel 500 2023, here’s what you can do about it.

Let’s meet the Honda Rebel 500 2023

Before we talk about how to better reach the ground or reduce the seat height of the 2023 Honda Rebel 500, let’s talk about its features. As mentioned, it maintains many of the specs of its 2022 model.

2022 model

that were so pleasing. This custom with bobber style repeats its lowered and recumbent bike design (in the next paragraph we explain why this benefits you). The same applies to the mechanics, with a twin-cylinder engine of 471 cc and power of 34 kW (45.6 hp).

The chassis tilt means that the seat height remains at 690 mm, ideal for riders under 1.70 m tall. In the braking systems, the front is a disc with a hydraulically actuated two-piston caliper and the rear, also a disc, with a hydraulically actuated single-piston caliper/ABS. Its distinctive fuel tank gives it a fuel capacity of 11.2 liters. In addition to the classic matte black color, it is now available in candy diesel red and smoky pearl gray. Its special edition includes some extra components such as headlight covers, custom seats, headlight visor with smoked screen, and set of fork covers and bellows.

How to lower the seat height on the Honda Rebel 500 2023

As in our review of the

Honda Rebel 1100

the 500 is one of the most recommended bikes for people of short stature. Other motorcycles we have reviewed in the past (the




or the


) exceed by more than 120 mm, on average, the 690 mm seat height of the Honda Rebel 500.

To make the seat less high, it would be necessary to purchase a linkage kit -the parts on which the rear shock absorber rests- costing more than 300€ and which would require modifying the factory geometry. Having a relatively short bike, it would be a shame to have to “do surgery” on it. Are there other alternatives?

Upbikers, the solution for tall bikes


Of course there is an alternative without having to spend a fortune or send your new bike straight to the mechanic. With Upbikers, you won’t have to touch your brand new vehicle, because it is an accessory that goes on you and makes you gain up to 4 centimeters of extension in your feet, the main support point. How is it achieved? The Upbikers is an accessory that fits under your shoes or sneakers, like a shim that is easy to install and remove. They are resistant and are designed so that, when driving, it is as if you were not wearing them.

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