Cool bike! We tell you how to reach the ground better with the Zontes G1 125


Who doesn’t love a nice, well-equipped motorcycle at a great price? We are talking about the Zonte G1 125, a very attractive scrambler with a dual personality. And it is no coincidence that it has entered the ranking of the best-selling motorcycles in Spain during the summer. Are you worried about getting on this bike and not stepping firmly with both feet? Don’t worry, in this post we’ll explain how to get to the ground better on the Zontes G1 125. Let’s review why it has become a great choice in the market for bikers.

Zontes G1 125 Technical Data Sheet

The Zontes G1 125 captivates at first glance. It is one of those motorcycles that aesthetically fall into the category of the so-called “neo retro“: the meeting point between vintage design and modern equipment. As we said, it has a “dual personality”, because as a good scrambler is a mix between the vehicle you use for errands or move around the city, and to take it on a weekend on rough roads.

It has an engine of its own design and manufacture, 125 cc, with technology and power -14.5 hp at 9,000 rpm. Attention to detail stands out on the Zontes G1 125: it has alloy wheels with mixed tires to give it a tough face, but the lines and aesthetics such as its front headlight or mirrors are reminiscent of the motorcycles of yesteryear.

It is prepared for roughness thanks to long-travel suspensions and the aforementioned mixed tires. In addition, those country rides will be achieved thanks to its 20L fuel tank, giving a good fuel autonomy. In addition to the above, its price is even more competitive: €3,195. The technical data sheet is completed by a weight of 150 kg and a seat height of 830 mm.

How to reach the ground better on the Zontes G1 125

That 830 mm seat height sounds considerable, doesn’t it? The Zontes G1 125 is well above the 125 cc bikes recommended for shorter riders such as the Brixton Crossfire 125 XS (760 mm) or the Keeway K-Light 125 (715 mm). You can review the publication we made on this subject



Unlike other scramblers – as with the Ducati Scrambler 800 – the

Ducati Scrambler 800

-, there are few reliable options on the market to lower the height of the G1 125. Other bikes of more popular brands usually have a lowered seat as an alternative accessory of choice. Or manufacturers also offer linkage kits that allow the rear suspension to be anchored at a different point in order to lower the seat by a few mm. In the absence of reliable alternatives…

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They are so versatile that they go with any footwear, whether you wear sneakers, shoes or boots. It is an ideal product for those who want to leave their vehicle as it is, without making costly modifications.

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